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Julia Béjar, JavierPorta Pelayo


Alejandra Trujillo and Jose María Porta


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Juan José Borrego, Victoriano Mulero


Sonia García-Pozo, Jose Antonio Alarcón, Sergio Oliva, Jesús Cano, Guillermo Thode, Gonzalo Martínez, ángel Amores.


Thecytogenetics of marine fish species of the Mediterranean and Atlantic area of Southof Spain, was the dominant interest of the group from 1978 to 1990. Thequestions addressed were related to phylogeny, systematics and evolution of thevarious groups: Blennius, Gobids, Serranids and Sparids. Suitable techniques toobtain chromosomes either from fish tissues or from cell cultures weredeveloped. Different chromosome banding techniques, to be used as chromosomemarkers, were set up. BrdU replication banding was applied by our group, forthe first time, in fish. The fish group of Gobids proved very variable inkaryotypic terms. Especial mention is the species Gobius paganellus thatdisplayed up to 15 different karyomorphs due to chromosome fusions anddeletions. The distribution pattern of this chromosome variability in SouthSpain was interpreted as an adaptive response to Atlantic-Mediterraneanconditions. 

In themid eighties the use of molecular markers (allozymes) was incorporated by thegroup, to approach basic evolutive questions, as well as practical problems,related to genetic variability and structure of wild and cultivated populationsof fish species. In the Aquaculture field we have focused on those species ofinterest in Southern European, such as the seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) andthe seabream (Sparus aurata). This interest has been extendedmore recently to other sparids as well as to the sole fish (Soleasenegalensis). Later on, other molecular markers, mostlymicrosatellites were developed and applied for screening of genetic variabilityand for studies of paternity in cultivated stocks. 

In 1990 the principal investigatorspent a sabbatical leave working with the “fish transgenic group” of theMinnesota University in USA with the objective to implement the transgenictechnology to the seabream species. The DNA transfer protocol bymicroinjection, was set up for this species. The short-term expression patternof several reporter genes driven by strong promoters was successful, thusallowing the use of this system to study genetic expression patterns of earlydevelopment genes of interest in Aquaculture. 

Within the sameobjective of long-term genetic manipulation of S. aurata,technological improvements and tools have been developed such as a permanentfibroblastic cell line SAF-1 from seabream. Additionally a putative ES-likecell line has been developed, which proved pluripotent both by in vitro and invivo assays. For the latter, successful chimera have been produced. 

A current line of research in collaboration with the Microbiology Department deals with exploiting natural genetic resources for natural immunity in seabream, seabass and sole, mostly related to the lisozyme and Mx antimicrobial systems. An ongoing project aims at developing biofactories for using those antimicrobials as immunostimulants


Identification of genes involved in early fishdevelopment. Funded by C.E Period: 1994- 1998 

A comprehensive genetic study of cultured and wildstocks of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) and geneticassessment of several related species as candidates for aquaculture. Funded by:C.E. Period 1995- 1999 

Desarrollo decélulas totipotentes de dorada (Sparus aurata) para la manipulación genética dela especie. Funded by: Consejería de Industria, Comercio y Turismo (Junta deAndalucía). Period 1996

Influencia defactores genéticos y de la temperatura sobre el crecimiento de la lubina. Fundedby: CICYT. Period 1997-98

Assessment of procedures for the development of aeuropean standardised multi-site testing programme: Application to seabass, Dicentrarchuslabrax. Funded by: CE. Period 1998- 1999

Desarrollo demarcadores genéticos moleculares aloenzimas y microsatélites en el lenguadocultivado, Solea senegalensisFunded by:Programa FEDER (EC). Period 2000-2002

EstudioGenético de poblaciones naturales marroquíes y españolas de Dentex dentex,Lithognathus mormyrus y Pagellusbogaraveo, mediantealoenzimas y microsatélites. Funded by: AECI. Period 2000- 2001

Biofactorías deinmunoproteínas de peces: su aplicación en enfermedades infecciosas. Funded byCICYT. Period 2003-2005.

Herramientas para un programa deselección asistida por marcadores en dorada (Sparus aurata): Búsqueda de QTLs y análisis de la heredabilidad para elcrecimiento. Funded by PETRI. Period 2003-2006.




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