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WP 2018-1: Why Delegate? Comparing Direct and Representative Democracy [PDF]
Guadalupe Correa-Lopera, February 2018.

WP 2018-2: Driving time, productivity, and the Fundamental Law of Road Congestion [PDF]
Jesús Rodríguez and José L. Torres, April 2018.

WP 2018-3: Aggregating experts' opinions to select the winner of a competition [PDF]
Pablo Amorós, June 2018.

WP 2018-4: The distribution of soccer leagues scores that generates the minimum of competitive balance: Truncated-Cascade Distribution [PDF]
Antonio Ávila-Cano and Francisco Triguero-Ruiz, June 2018.

WP 2018-5: Majoritarian aggregation and Nash implementation of experts' opinions [PDF]
Pablo Amorós, July 2018.

WP 2018-6: Dirty neighbors: Pollution in an interlinked world [PDF]
Miguel A. Meléndez-Jiménez and Arnold Polanski, July 2018.

WP 2018-7: Institutional flexibility, political alternation and middle-of-the-road policies [PDF]
Ascensión Andina Díaz, Francesco Feri and Miguel A. Meléndez-Jiménez, September 2018.

WP 2018-8: Highly Skilled International Migration, STEM Workers, and Innovation [PDF]
Anelí Bongers, Carmen Díaz-Roldán and José L. Torres, November 2018.


WP 2017-1: Revisiting the Battle of Midway: A counterfactual analysis [PDF]
Anelí Bongers and José L. Torres, January 2017.

WP 2017-2: Learning and Forgetting in the Jet Fighter Aircraft Industry [PDF]
Anelí Bongers, June 2017.

WP 2017-3: The market for scoops: A dynamic approach [PDF]
Ascensión Andina Díaz, José A. García Martínez, and Antonio Parravano, September 2017.

WP 2017-4: The problem of aggregating experts' opinions to select the winner of a competition [PDF]
Pablo Amorós, November 2017.


WP 2016-1: Conformity, information and truthful voting [PDF]
Bernando Moreno, María del Pino Ramos-Sosa and Ismael Rodríguez-Lara, February 2016.

WP 2016-2: A careerist judge with two concerns [PDF]
Ascensión Andina Díaz, and José A. García Martínez, August 2016.

WP 2016-3: Public debt frontiers: The Greek case [PDF]
Gonzalo F. de-Córdoba, and José L. Torres, October 2016.

WP 2016-4: Consumer preferences and implicit prices of smartphone characteristics [PDF]
José A. Montenegro, and José L. Torres, November 2016.

WP 2016-5: Fiscal discipline and defaults [PDF]
Gonzalo F. de-Córdoba, Pau S. Pujolas and José L. Torres, November 2016.


WP 2015-1: Issue-salience, Issue-divisiveness and Voting Decisions [PDF]
Stephen Ansolabehere and M. Socorro Puy, January 2015.

WP 2015-2: Ideology, Nationalism, and Identity in Basque Regional Elections [PDF]
Stephen Ansolabehere and M. Socorro Puy, February 2015.

WP 2015-3: Voting by Conformity [PDF]
Bernardo Moreno and María del Pino Ramos-Sosa, March 2015.

WP 2015-4: Subgame perfect implementation of the deserving winner of a competition with natural mechanisms [PDF]
Pablo Amorós, May 2015.

WP 2015-5: A theory of media self-silence [PDF]
Ascensión Andina Díaz, and José A. García Martínez, November 2015.


WP 2014-1: Conditions on the Jury for the Natural Implementation of the Deserving Winner of a Contest [PDF]
Pablo Amorós, November 2014.

WP 2014-2: The Closed Primaries versus the Top-two Primary [PDF]
Pablo Amorós, M. Socorro Puy, and Ricardo Martínez, November 2014.

WP 2014-3: Media Silence, Feedback Power and Reputation [PDF]
Ascensión Andina Díaz, and José A. García Martínez, November 2014.


WP 2013-1: Like Biases and Information in Elections [PDF]
Ascensión Andina Díaz, November 2013.

WP 2013-2: Competition and Uncertainty in a Paper's News Desk [PDF]
Ascensión Andina Díaz, November 2013.


WP 2011-1: Manipulability in Restricted Separable Domains [PDF]
Ricardo Martínez and Bernardo Moreno, February 2011.

WP 2011-2: Mass Media in Economics: Origins and Subsequent Contributions [PDF]
Ascensión Andina Díaz, April 2011.

WP 2011-3: A Unifying Framework for the Problem of Adjudicating Conflicting Claims [PDF]
Jens L. Hougaard, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, and Lars P. Østerdal, April 2011.

WP 2011-4: Baseline Rationing [PDF]
Jens L. Hougaard, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, and Lars P. Østerdal, April 2011.

WP 2011-5: "Show the Right Thing to Do". The Effect of Exemplary Behavior in Public Good Games[PDF]
Sara Godoy, October 2011.

WP 2011-6: An Experimental Analysis of Informational Feedback and Commitment [PDF]
Enrique Fatas, Sara Godoy, and Héctor Salaz, October 2011.


WP 2010-1: Voting over Piece-wise Linear Tax Methods [PDF]
Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, January 2010.

WP 2010-2: Branching Deregulation and Merger Optimality [PDF]
Ana Lozano-Vivas, Miguel A. Meléndez-Jímenez, and Antonio J. Morales, March 2010.

WP 2010-3: Whom to Merge with? A Tale of the Spanish Banking Deregulation Process [PDF]
Ana Lozano-Vivas, Miguel A. Meléndez-Jímenez, and Antonio J. Morales, March 2010.

WP 2010-4: How to Add Apples and Pears: Non-Symmetric Nash Bargaining and the Generalized Joint Surplus [PDF]
Samuel Danthine and Noemí Navarro, April 2010.

WP 2010-5: The Role of Selectivity in Hierarchical Social Systems [PDF]
Jose A. Garcia-Martinez, July 2010.

WP 2010-6: Picking the Winners [PDF]
Pablo Amóros, July 2010. (Revision of WP 2009-2)

WP 2010-7: A Natural Mechanism to Choose the Deserving Winner when the Jury is Made up of all Contestants [PDF]
Pablo Amóros, July 2010.

WP 2010-8: The Walrasian Output Beats the Market [PDF]
Antonio J. Morales and Gonzalo Fernández-de-Córdoba, July 2010.

WP 2010-9: Deciding Whether a Law is Constitutional, Interpretable, or Unconstitutional [PDF]
Pablo Amóros, Ricardo Martínez, Bernardo Moreno, and M. Socorro Puy, November 2010.

WP 2010-10: Stability and Fairness in Models with a Multiple Membership [PDF]
Michel Le Breton, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, Alexei Savvateev, and Shlomo Weber, December 2010.

WP 2010-11: A Coalitional Procedure Leading to a Family of Bankruptcy Rules [PDF]
Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, December 2010.


WP 2009-1: Forecasting the Spanish Economy with an Augmented VAR-DSGE Model [PDF]
Gonzalo Fernández-de-Córdoba and José L. Torres, May 2009.

WP 2009-2: Picking the Winners [PDF]
Pablo Amóros, June 2009.

WP 2009-3: Stable Coalition-Governments: The Case of Three Political Parties [PDF]
M. Socorro Puy, June 2009.

WP 2009-4: Strong composition down. Characterizations of new and classical bankruptcy rules [PDF]
Ricardo Martinez, June 2009.

WP 2009-5: On the Adjudication of Conflicting Claims: An Experimental Study [PDF]
Carmen Herrero, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero and Giovanni Ponti, November 2009.

WP 2009-6: The Proportional Rule for Multi-issue Bankruptcy Problems [PDF]
Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, November 2009.

WP 2009-7: Progressive and Merging-proof Taxation [PDF]
Biung-Ghi Ju and Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, November 2009.

WP 2009-8: A case for Ambiguity [PDF]
Ascensión Andina-Díaz, December 2009.

WP 2009-9: Off-the-Peak Preferences over Government Size [PDF]
Francisco Martínez-Mora and M. Socorro Puy, December 2009.


WP 2008-1:
Bargaining Frictions, Labor Income Taxation and Economic Performance [PDF]
Stéphane Auray and Samuel Danthine, March 2008.

WP 2008-2:
A Sensitive Flexible-network Approach [PDF]
Noemí Navarro, March 2008, revised September 2008.

WP 2008-3:
Unequivocal Majority and Maskin-Monotonicity [PDF]
Pablo Amorós, March 2008.

WP 2008-4
ICT-specific Technological Change and Productivity Growth in the US 1980-2004 [PDF]
Diego Martínez, Jesús Rodríguez and José L. Torres, March 2008.

WP 2008-5
Media Competition and Information Disclosure [PDF]
Ascensión Andina-Díaz, March 2008.

WP 2008-6
Media Bias and Electoral Competition [PDF]
Ascensión Andina-Díaz, March 2008.

WP 2008-7
Strategic Requirements with Indifference: Single-Peaked versus Single-Plateaued Preferences [PDF]
Dolors Berga and Bernardo Moreno, April 2008.

WP 2008-8
Indicators of Electoral Victory [PDF]
Pablo Amoros and M. Socorro Puy, April 2008.

WP 2008-9
Top Monotonicity: A Common Root for Single Peakedness, Single Crossing and the Median Voter Result [PDF]
Salvador Barbera and Bernardo Moreno, May 2008.

WP 2008-10
Productivity growth and technological change in Europe and the U.S. [PDF]
Diego Martínez, Jesús Rodríguez-López and José L. Torres, October 2008.

WP 2008-11
Threats and demonstrations of power: Experimental results on bilateral bargaining [PDF]
Noemí Navarro and Róbert Veszteg, October 2008.

WP 2008-12
Quality provision under referral consumption [PDF]
Noemí Navarro, October 2008.

WP 2008-13
Strategic communication: screening and signaling in a freelance journalist - editor game [PDF]
Ascensión Andina-Díaz, November 2008.

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